Terms Of Use

Welcome to the world of amusing business.

Doforten.com provides this important document which you should go through carefully before using this site. 
The following are the terms and conditions you must be aware of: 

Acceptance of User Agreement:

This is an agreement between you and doforten.com. We request you to read the terms and conditions stated in this User Agreement carefully. Please note that the other conditions given as reference here constitute the entire agreement between you and doforten.com. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, please stop using this site. If your are found to be indulged in any of the activities which are violating this User Agreement, we may limit, suspend or close your access to doforten.com and its services. 

Amendment of User Agreement:

doforten.com has full privilege to revise a part or whole of this User Agreement at any time, without any prior notice and the new agreement will be effective from the time it is posted on the site. 

1. Eligibility:

Any individual who has the capacity to enter into agreements that are enforceable by law are eligible to use this site. However, acceptance of a person as a customer of doforten.com is purely on the decision of doforten.com and we can remove your access to doforten at any time, if found to be violating the eligibility criteria. It is the sole responsibility of each user to monitor what happens in his/her account and report to us of any unauthorized usage of his/her account data/contents. 

2. Users:

doforten.com provides an online marketing place/platform for users to buy and sell their services and to promote their services to rest of the world. There are basically two types of users involved in. Sellers or Service Providers who post their services and sell to the others who are in need and Buyers who search for various services of their need and buy them via instant payment methods like paypal, moneybookers, etc. Both Buyers and Sellers can communicate via the Private space provided by doforten. 

3. General:

The below terms hold for every user of this site and the services they post/buy from this site. 

  • Services in doforten.com costs from $1 to $10 based on the cost of the service which is decided by the seller while posting the services.
  • Users must register to the site before they start to post and sell services. Registration is absolutely free and easy.
  • All payment related transactions must be made only via doforten payment interfaces.
  • Once the service is purchased by the Buyer, he/she has full rights over it unless otherwise specified by seller in the service description about copyright, other authority, etc.
  • You have two accounts viz Buyer Account and Seller Account of which all your earnings will go to your Seller Account and your funds returned back on cancelation of orders will go to your Buyer Account which you can use to buy other services in the site. When there is no enough funds in your Buyer Account, funds from Seller Account can be used to buy services.

4. Sellers:

The below terms are applicable for each Seller of this site. 

  • Sellers and Services
    • Each service you post is being reviewed by doforten Admin and become active once Admin approves it. If the service is found to be fake or consists of any other information which violates the terms and policy, such services will be rejected and this will further lead to removal of you account from the site if posting of such irrelevant services is continued.
    • Posting contact information like email ids, phone numbers, address, etc in service descriptions, buyer instructions or in the private message space are strictly not allowed.
    • When buyer purchases your services, amount will be credited your Seller Account once the order is completed. Please note that doforten.com takes an amount of 20% as commission for each order of the services, you sell to others from this site.
    • If an order is canceled for any reasons, then the amount will be returned back to the buyer.
  • Dealing with Orders
    • When a buyer orders any of your services, you will be informed via email.
    • Buyer Instructions are required for every service where you can specify the requirements you need from the Buyer in order to start working on the order. Once the buyer responds to it, your order will be started.
    • All communications and file sharing should be performed in the order page where each phase of the order is tracked and this will help to resolve issues, if any and to credit amount to your account when the order is completed.
    • Once you deliver the order, the buyer reviews it and completes the order and the amount will be credited to your seller account. Please note that doforten.com takes 20% as commission for each order.
    • It’s your sole responsibility to deliver the order within the duration which you have mentioned in the service details. Failing to deliver the order in time may lead to buyer’s dissatisfaction and he may cancel the order.
    • Both buyers and sellers have mutual cancel option wherein both parties agree to cancel the order and in this way, you will not get any rating for your service from this order.
    • If for any reasons, you are not able to continue the order, you can force cancel the order without waiting for buyer’s acceptance but note that this leads to negative rating for your service from this order.
    • Service rating is calculated based on the feedback received from buyers and the number of canceled orders.

5. Buyers:

The below terms are applicable for each buyer of this site. 

  • Buyers and Services
    • You have a wide range of services to browse and to find out the best one of your needs.
    • You can order for the service of your interest via our instant payment methods – paypal, moneybookers and doforten.com balance.
    • Once the payment is confirmed, your order will be created.
    • Once the order is created, you will be asked to respond to the instructions which are need by the seller to start the order. These instructions are provided by the Seller at the time of posting services.
    • If you have enough balance in your doforten buyer account or seller account, doforten.com will automatically shows you the option to buy from your doforten.com in the payment section.
  • Dealing with Orders
    • An order will be created once your payment is confirmed.
    • The order will start as soon as you respond to the instructions in Order Page.
    • Once the order is started, communicate instantly with the seller via the Order page to get prompt delivery of the order.
    • In case of dispute with the seller, try to resolve it using the options available in the order page.
    • You can raise a mutual cancel against the seller for cancelation of orders and the order gets canceled if the seller accepts it and the amount will be returned back and credited to your Buyer Account.
    • Do make all your communications in the order page which helps us to track the order and make decisions in case of dispute or any other reasons.
    • You can always ask for redelivery of orders, when they are not properly delivered to you.
    • Canceling an order can be done only before delivering the order.
    • After the order is delivered, you should respond within 3 days else the order will be completed and you can’t make any more conversations/transactions from it.

6. Dispute:

  • To protect user’s privacy, user information is kept secure.
  • Requesting or providing email addresses, skype/IM usernames, phone numbers or any other personal contacts is not permitted.
  • All communications, file sharing should be made only in the order page.
  • We recommend the users to resolve any disputes among themselves using the options available in the order page.

7. Mutual Cancel:

  • Mutual Cancel can be initiated by either buyer or seller after the order is started.
  • Once initiated, the other party has to respond within 3 days else the order will be automatically canceled.

8. Order Delivery:

  • Seller should deliver the order by sharing the files and other relevant documents from the order page.
  • Once delivered, the buyer should respond within 3 days by giving feedback and review.
  • If the order is not delivered promptly, the buyer can reject and ask for redelivery.
  • If there is no response from buyer for 3 days, then the order will be completed automatically.
  • Once the order is completed, the amount will be credited to the Seller after taking a commission of 20%.

9. Your Balance Account in doforten.com:


  • There are 2 different accounts maintained in doforten.com for every user.
    • Buyer Account
    • Seller Account
  • Buyer Account is used to purchase services. You need not deposit any funds to it. Funds that are returned back to you due to canceling of orders will be credited in this buyer account and an option to buy using these funds will be automatically visible in the Payment section when there is enough balance in your buyer account or seller account.
  • You can buy orders via online payment methods available in the site namely paypal, moneybookers and your balance account, if there is enough funds in it.
  • When an order is canceled, the amount is automatically credited to your Buyer Balance which you can use to buy other services.
  • All your earnings from orders are credited to your Seller Account which you can withdraw to your personal account via our withdrawal options – paypal and moneybookers. Please note that $1 is taken as withdrawal fee in both the options.
  • While buying services, you can use both the accounts to buy wherein seller account will be used automatically when buyer account doesn’t have enough balance to purchase the service.